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Art has been the driving force of my life since I was a child.  I began my formal training at the University of Kentucky where I graduated in with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. A short while later I moved to Austin, Texas where I began pursuing art as a full-time profession.

Always having loved anything to do with the creative process, I have worked in many mediums, including weaving, spinning, clay, paper-making, and photography. My biggest passion, however, has always remained drawing and painting. During the 70’s and 80’s I worked mainly in pastels and watercolors, focusing on portraiture, and attending workshops regularly to expand my skill set. In the late 90's, while living in New York, I attended the Woodstock School of Art, an experience that made a significant difference in my development as an artist. My time there expanded my love for landscape painting, particularly plein air, and improved my skills in both oil and pastel painting.

Over the past forty years I have lived, painted and studied in Texas, Kentucky, and New York. As an avid traveler I have enjoyed visiting countries around the world painting both plein air and taking photographs for future works in Italy, France, England, Ireland, China, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand.

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