Nancy Bush Workshop

This is my first blog post for my new website, so the content is a little late - but something I definitely wanted to share with all of you.

I was lucky enough to attend an incredible workshop with Nancy Bush this past November in Fredericksburg, Texas. The main focus of the workshop was tonalist painting and color glazing. Tonalist painting is something that I've done in the past, but without any intent behind it. The tonalist movement emerged in the 1880's when American artists began to create landscapes with a single overall tone of colored atmosphere. Dark neutral hues such as blue, green, brown, or gray were especially popular, as these tend to bring out a moody quality to the pieces they're applied to. 

The main thing I learned from the workshop was how to intentionally simplify my paintings. The other side of things - the colored glazes - are what give tonalist paintings their luminosity. I found this to be not only fascinating,  but so much fun to do! Nancy showed us the secret of how to achieve the luminous glow her work is known for.  I really enjoyed meeting the other talented artists in my group, and  I found Nancy to be a very generous and inspiring teacher. I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone wanting to improve their oil painting skills.

Here are the paintings I am most pleased with that I did during the workshop.

work shop exercize #4.jpg